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tv   CBS2- This Morning  CBS  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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good morning. on this tuesday morning. you are watching live coverage on fox 28 here. looking live at the river and you can still see the first avenue and sec avenue and 3 -- second bridges. we are checking in with our reporters and will continue to do that but now we will check in with our weather. >> reporter: we are off to a chilly start in eastern iowa many locations are in the mitted to upper 40sp so make sure --
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have a light jacket. 48 degrees and sunshine. a coom start. we will see -- a cool start and 36 in iowa city and 47 in waterloo and over the next 12-hours temperatures will climb to 60s by about foe clock. -- four alock and we will keep that in the forecast as we head plenty of sunshine and here is your forecast. mostly sane and pleasant. winds out that -- sunny and pleasant winds out the west and the latest river levels and we are on targ fruity 23 feet and your esh tended forecast --
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just a few moments ago we were able to catch up with the mayor and see what the mayor had to say. >> reporter: as i stand here rho hoping that everything -- we are hoping that every thing we built stands and how do you feel about everything? >> i feel like pins and needles for the last 24 hours but it looks like we won't hit the 23 crest the levy is held and that is important. so no risk of water going over the top of the levy and mainly it is street flooding back from the storm sewer and pumping that backith reign to prewept -- back in to prevent extended flooding. so that base of that levy that
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period of time -- extended period of time. every hour that water will start to recede puts us in a better situation so it looks like it worked and it looks we have saved our city. we talked so much it is best case scenario if you vumajor flooding to not have the -- if you have major flooding to not have the precip the preparation time and those variables working in our favor. >> we worked hard for the four-days to build that city workers and contractorers and we got that done on sunday and that allows the crews to focus on the man hole fluings and the storm sewer and -- plugs and the storm
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be back up flooding so we executed very well and it seemed to have paid off. we have a 24-hour period until it is back in the banks of the river. but i am feeling very relieved. if we get through this tomorrow we will declare victory. >> reporter: today the collective sigh ow of relief. >> and the bridges will have to be inspected before we open it. and once we get nast danger zone. everyone wants -- past the danger zone and everyone will want it open as fast as possible. but we will to the work to make sure the bridges have not been
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every if thing goes well we might be able to move that up to friday. >> reporter: it is a fealty thing. thank a -- beautiful thing thank you so much. >> that is good news. i love that. a sigh of relief today. and what mayor saidf. we can't declare victory just yet but that the way we are headed. an will -- we will talk about the updated levels. and we will broad cast the meeting and sending joe back down there, we talk to him later this morning and that will be
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barry.kevin's been out for the past several days - right next to the river. river.and that's where we meet him again this morning. kevin? kevin?that's right guys, i'm leave here in cedar rapids -????
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and now - we will check in with our next reporter - cbs 2 reporter stephanie johnson. johnson.she's also live in cedar rapids - ?????
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that there are two shelters open right now in cedar rapids. this is for any resident who needs a place to stay - they can go to the cedar hills community church on e- avenue northwest.or saint paul's united methodist church, on third avenue southeast.more than 80 people are staying in red cross shelters. shelters.up north - the emergency shelter at uni in cedar falls closed yesterday - because no one was staying there anymore.and today - shelter at grace baptist church in waverly will close as well - due to a very low population. it's and right now in it's de. degrees.right now - heading to a live look at ????. ????.in your cbs 2 weather first forecast we have...
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. good morning. a looking at the river
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current is 21.77 feet and expected to rest at 23 feet in a major flooding stage. here is the latest. i did mention 21.77 feet and a cup olf hours it was -- couple of hours ago it was more but we have a levingaling off. -- leveling off. around 23 feet as ye get to the afternoon hours -- as we get to the afternoon hours. we remember the 2008 flood of 31.1 feet and this flood will go into the number two slot where that epodes up and you can see the -- ends up you can see the
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winds southwest. and it is dry and comfortable and stay that way through the week and temperatures with 45 and 47 in waterloo and justs a round 30s. and not much shoe so no clouds round -- show around and we will keep shine, and dry it will be breeze with the winds and mainly on the north eastern and wile wihead into -- we will head into the weekend. by the time we get to noon it will be 60. and 65 by 2 o'clock and a temperatures of 68.
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the clouds will work their way in. and on the eastern county and the showers move out and not anticipating any haev rainfall with these. -- heavy rainfall with these. and they will be light and scattered at best. and temperatures will be cooler for your wednesday. today mostly suny and pleasant. winds up to 30 miles and in the 60s down to iowa city you can see temperatures mostly clouding and isolated shower mainly north. overnight hours in the 40s area wide from 47-49 and tomorrow mostly cloudy and temperatures of 64 and 69 on thursday and friday and night time lows in the upper 40s and the weekend more seasonal upper 60s to 70s and that is the average high temperature but we will be dry
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this is back to 1929 and 12th avenue this is carl and mary history center. >> that is our old road warrior. you can see terry right there. >> and the river did crest around 20 meet and heave here is another -- feet and here is another one. the road and carved up the concrete. >> we are watching the river and it is rushing through downtown but when you actually do the calculations, it is moving ought about three miles an hour. -- and thats a doesn't seem like a lot.
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is easier to see what is going on. i am interested to get a better visual. >> and that hide rograph this is -- hidragraph they are holding to that 23-foot crest because up stream it is a little high this is not the free and clear alert we don't want to give you that assumption but things are looking like they are holding steady for the time being. >> and it is levels off it is that 23-foot forecast and ain case that higher -- and in case that higher water settles down. >> and an official update between 8:30 and 9o clock, if they change anything and we well let you know. >> we are going to a break but stay with us.
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? 0. good morning. continuous live coverage and you will see lot of those signs for theneck few days. roads -- next new days. we see the trucks moving behind those. they are authorized but you the average drive are not. we are lot of traffic. >> check out i 380-cars are piling up, things are moving just fine. they are not stalled.
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technology is sticking. but the left lanes is for emergency vehicless only. so keep that in mind that is something the city asked everyone to remember and we want to heed those requests so they can get places efficiently. police will be enforcing that so if you are not driving an ambulance or fire truck get out of that lane this morning. >> many peoplere families or friends. other home owners decide stood stick it out and not -- decided to stick it out and not evacuate and the decision they made in the face of another flood. >> reporter: lay plastic and just started stacking the sand bags, nearly on the people in this neighborhood blocks a way from the reserve are gone expect for a dana.
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home i need stay and protect it. >> instead she put up a very important message to thank any one who helped teblth protect her -- officials issued an evaculings. >> many people are trying to see where the river is and as you can sooit is nearly -- see it is nearly touching the bought omp this rail bridge. >> it is expected to crest at 23 feet. >> we will get some damage to the basement and the furnace. >> but some people say they didn't hesitate to stay.
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the walls cave in."homeowners say they hope there's little damage.but they say they're keeping an eye out on their neighbor's homes too. "i feel like i should watch over everything and if i can contact somebody."for garay, she says it's something she hopes she won't have to do. covering the corridor in cedar many home-owners that haven't evacuated say they don't think the damage will be bad enough to where they need to rebuild or move. and as a reminder, the curfew is in effect until 7 am this morning - and will stay in effect every night until the flood threat is over. moving on - cbs 2 and fox 28 reporter mitch fick is also live in cedar rapids. rapids.mitch can you tell us where you are exactly and what you're seeing.
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it's now on this morning.right
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0. good morning.
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graph -- hidrograph and here along the cedar rapids river we are forecasted to crest around toe feet and early afternoon -- twee feet and we were -- 23 and we will be above 20 feet for the next 60 plus hours. so that is over the next few days. winds west southwest and the dew point of free degrees and not hutch -- 43 degrees and not much show we rewee is a week system try -- and we see a week system and north of highway 30 and eastern county keep the cloudsa
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wednesday tomorrow. today mostly sunny and winds 15-30 miles an hour. you can temperatures down to 71 and in iowa city washington waand that will be cloudy and down toward iowa city and washington. it is 6:31 as we continue up-to-date with the late on on flood 2016 and we will talk to
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now we're taking a live look right now at ???? in cedar rapids - . you looking live at 6:47 of the down town we are -- 6:34 and the down down cam raw -- down town camera we have two other reporters out live and stephanie johnson and they bill give us the latest updates. -- will give us the latest updates. and that first forecast.
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a few mip minutes temperatures will -- minutes temperature will be in the upper 60s and a little cool. 3 o'clock will be around 68 and 45 is the current temperatures so grab a jacket or sweat shirt. and winds 6-10 miles per hour and gust to abo hour and the sunshine will be around for the day and the predictor show as week disturbance coming in lateer tonight and they will linger into over night and not expecting any-heavy rainfall most places will stay dry. and then for tomorrow we will keep the clouds around and
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and upper 60s toward iowa city and for tonight post mostly cloud -- mostly clouding and the middle to upper 40s through the night time hours and we well be back in your weather forecast in a few minutes. we have three of our reporters out, they have been out all morning to long to give thus best updates and the sun is coming up. we have been waiting for we will start with kevin and covering the village area where are you at 6:36 this morning? >> reporter: we are on the side of the river and looking at one of the most active is an areas this is a pump and pumping it
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of the wall and it is filling up this quadrant is and we found it last night around 9 o'clock and it was actually very low at that point. if you go to my twitter page we have a picture from then and this morning. it is entirely filled up. last night inwater was barely coming the water was barely coming up the curb and the water was there last night. if you look at this this is all of been in the district and it is safely on this sthifed river and a lot of peep -- this side of of the river a lot of people they asked how you make this water proof. you put the plastic down before the sand. you put it without sand and fill it with sand and make it really heavy and compact the plastic to the ground and they cover it
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make it taller and stronger. and as a result, minimal water gets through. and that is helpful when you know you will be pumping this wawer and putting it -- water and putting it here but let' take a quick walk here and taking a look at how much water has come out, it is the entire quadrant of the parking lot and before the ground transpor taying center. this was the -- center this was the parking center and all of of this water is filling up the quadrant and seeping into the the other ones as well and it comes all of the way down this way back to the cedar rapids nature trail and running through that green foliage and it is actually lower than where we are right now so it has a chance to run that way and down river and other wise we
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walked by a few minute ago and they said this is the only active spot there. is no damage from where this is coming from. and that the good news so far and fingers crossed bulikely said and heard. -- but likely said and heard. seemed like they beat the flood this time. because they knew what was coming and how to prepare for it and so far if everything holds, so good. we will >> that is great news and we are liking what we are seeing it so far. we will head out and stephanie johnson and see where she is. >> reporter: well kelly, the river is rising they want to make sure no one is getting through to that area the iowa state patrol is out here and the road is blocked off and
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talked a this patrol. if you have naughty e vackuted this -- not evacuated your home and if you live in any neighborhood that is blocked off if you show proof of your id, you utility bill or a license with your address on there they will let you threw and go to your home. if you need to come bac get some supplies they will let you through. and you can see the businesses here have also began putting sand bags out here to make sure no water creeps are up in case that happens. that is the latest or here in the southwest maybe it hoard i will have more for you -- neighborhood and i will have more for you as the morning progresses.
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what are you -- sun is coming up what are you seeing out there? >> reporter: some goods signs we will take you over the ellis park area the next time we are meet where you. we are at ellis lane and boulevard and the wall is doing it's job as we move around and believe it or not we have houses here on ellis boulevard that are untouched. and we talked to a have that white house. he didn't sand bag and he said he remembered what 31 feet was and hes let's role the dice and like lot of home owners who took a similar gam ble it is paid off and there is no water near me but the wall is doing it's job
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threatened we will show you next time around on the other pseudoof us behind -- side of us and behind us. that is what it does around the cedar rapids river. we are seeing good signs that not only are theerations peperations -- preparations the good vibes are coming with it to as we get ready for the crest. >> thank you mitch, we appreciate that update we have a trafficp date we have confirmed from our news room saying ferry
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know, a right now the linn county alert sight does not have blares ferry road on there anymore. so as of this point do it at your own peril. but right now bridge to pailo is not lists at closed but when we get to pitchm to berry -- pitchm road to berry road that is closed. and birch road will be closed. and we will keep you up-to-date the latest on live cbs2 news a woman was rescued from
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the drone was over that area as the rescue took place around 1:30 in an afternoon. the search team located the woman in a tree. and the authorities tell us because of a medical condition the woman did want want to come down. they pulled her to safety. one issue is why bariers meant to pre-vent flooding squhai they were not expected to protect more businesses. -- and whey they were not extended to protect more businesses. >> when it is on a mushy ground the bariers themselves can be comremizeed so we need the best alawn polity to the success --
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protected and remember in 2008 the city was defenseless against the river and we suffered, because we are defenseless and we learned about this crest on wednesday, we need to make the decision where we will construct a temporary system or not and in doing that we ended up bringing in the engineers and making the best decision that we could. and it is not easy, but are sitting in the mayors chair or any other out there would you do nothing and be vulnerable or dadoo something that -- do something that protects as many as i you can. property taxes are due but now with the high water many
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governor approved the extension within hours and that is to everyone in lynn county they have until october 31st rhiz. saying your retes can help you qual tie receipts can help you qualify for assistant. they will work with eligible households and provide for certain perches. to alleviate the -- purchases tew leaveiate some of the need. to alleviate some of the need. call the number on your screen and you will be provided with more information about the is asisstant.
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the cbs2 news fox 28 video be care on the road and remember that inside lane is reserved for emergency crews and travel o at veridian credit union we always want you to save you money! plus up to $200 cash back, when you bring your existing loan from another financial! yep, you heard that right. when you refinance your auto loan at veridian.
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the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! my heart's about to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. ok.
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6:39 and we are -- 6:49 and we are wit and you have given us updated numbers that the population is going up just a little bit. so we have a few more people come to the shelters yesterday and 120 people who stayed over night and all at the community church. and those shelters will remain open while they are needed and
6:50 am
have the need. >> people have dropped off food and water and diapers we we are good with those. and i think in the coming days we well see from a lot of the nonprofits and community group as system for accepting thosem right now if fopal donations and for right now a finance donation. >> it is not that we have enough you don't want things to go bad. >> we know that people have big hearts and want to help but want to make sure we are using it and not wasting it so we are asking for a hold so we can gety better idea -- get a better idea of
6:51 am
>> how are the people staying there what are their spirits like? >> spirits are pretty good all things considered. i spent about a comhours yesterday and the kids -- couple of hours and the kids were coloring and playing games. it is community atmosphere and the residences are helping the volunteers and clean and organized meals. challenging situation i saw at st. paul they had a birth day party and people are coming together as iowans do and doing the best of the situation.
6:52 am
coloring. and we heard from the mayer and i know you been in close contact with officials we are not out of the woods yet. we don't want to ghiv false sense of it is over but for the time being. that things are holding but they are still going to be a need for people who have been displaced. >> right and that is important to remember there is also some activity happening north of ceda fora red cross perspective and we have feeding in clarksival and clean up kits available and all of those activities will start in cedar rapids when we have a better idea on what the clean up is going to look like and the coming days. >> how are things?
6:53 am
being here. but up unseeder falls how are people doing? ? i i have not been to those communities and have not been able to talk to the drivers who are been there. i am not sure i am growthest person for the -- greatest person for the perspective. there is a lot of and folk whose organizations and folk whose want to help and anticipating what those needs are. we are still making sure we have enough food and clean up supplies and all of that so we can get those resources to those
6:54 am
of folks just show up there but if people want to volunteer time how do they get ahold of you. >> right now we are coordinating that effort so go to the united way website. we will work with them if we need to build up the locple volunteers. -- local volunteers. the best way to do financially and call 1800 red cross and/or text them. >> we will check with in you to keep you updated and what you are doing. >> hopefully we don't is v to see each other for a while and we talk about the good news. >> exactly. right now we are taking a look at downtown cedar rapids,
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adhere to that. but police will be enforcing that. . good morning. a few minutes shy of 7 o'clock. and current conditions the river still rising just under 22 feet and cresting over night into 24 feet and major flooding acure
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observation. on targ toot crest around 23 feet and major flooding occurring and it will occur over the next several days. and the hydrograph and you see the 27 feet. and the forecast is 23. we have been above 20 since yesterday. we are not expected to get below 20 feet until thurs that is 60 hours above that. and major flooding will incure into the weekend for -- occurring into the weekend and for the next several days. the reason why the flooding. if you remember back in butler and floyd county and the pinks and the reds that is 8-13-inchs
6:59 am
that resulted in the flooding. and the iowa rivers here. as we head into the week. 46 in cedar rapids and winds to the west at nine miles an hour. and temperatures 25 in ducora and -- 45 in decorah and waterloo and not much to show on sats all and satellite and car dar we will see plenty of -- rar and arand we will have up -- radar and upper 60s and 68 in cedar rapids today a high of 67, our prudictor model has clouds
7:00 am
north and we can see some isis isolated showers and we will have some clouds sticking around into your wednesday and we will keep some sunshine in the forecast, but as you can see here clouds will be around for much of the day. for today. mostly sunny and pleasant. winds 15-30 miles and gust and temperatures in the low-mid60s and looking at temperatures around 70 and 71. mostly cloudy and north in the temperatures in the upper 40s and tomorrow. more clouds and 69 for thursday. as well as into the friday and night time lows in the upper 40s and we get into the weekend and we will see temperatures right


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